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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Amanda Wainscott who was born in Kentucky on June 03, 1985 and passed away on May 21, 2006 at the age of 20. We will remember her forever.
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Birthday  / Jean Salem (POS)
Happy 25th birthday Amanda Jean mom of Jay
Happy Birthdayy!   / Chase Goodlett (Nephew)
Happy 25th birthday Amanda Rose! We love you and miss you more and more everyday! :)
Happy Birthday   / Robyn Grossman (GP friend of mom )
Happy Birthday Amanda.  Did you meet my son Jared up there.  He's 26. Send your Mom an "I'm okay" sign.
Happy Birthday...   / Sandy Buchman (PoS friend )
Sending a birthday wish to Amanda on her 25th birthday.  She was a beautiful young woman.
Happy Birthday!!   / Jessica (Friend)
HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY in HEAVEN!! I know you are having a blast in heaven. I am sure it is a big party. Oh how you loved big parties and celebrating your birthday. We had so much fun! I hope to share that with you again! :) Love you and miss you always...  Continue >>
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My Amanda  / Kathy (Mom)    Read >>
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MY ANGEL  / Moma     Read >>
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Her legacy
Remembered by Friends on her 21st Birthday  

~Amanda Rose~ 

21 Things I'll Always Miss 

1. Beautiful Smile
"Million Dollar Smile" 

2. Hawaiian Shaved Ice Trips
"Driving all the way to Frankfort just for some shaved ice" 

3. 80's Music
"Songs I've never even heard of" 

4. Late Night at Steak N Shake
"Pretty bad when servers know your order" 

5. Hot Tub Talk
"Deep and thought provoking convos and secrets" 

6. Take 2 at O'Charley's / Applebee's
"Cheaper to split it" 

7. Reminiscing about Goodr'n Times
"All our fun times together, especially our senior year" 

8. Hair Dying Parties
"Oh, the many colors!" 

9. Juicy Gossip
"Always good for sharing or listening to the latest info" 

10. Pig Roasts
"Can only name 1 she missed (b/c she was 'grounded')" 

11. Walking in the Park
"Good exercise as long as it wasn't too hot" 

12. Pictures
"Self portraits and car pics galore" 

13. Hour or Longer Phone Calls
"Talking about absolutely nothing” 

14. Panty Shopping
“She loved her ‘lucky’ panties, even if they were too small” 

15. Detailed Memory
“Could even remember the clothes we were wearing on different occasions” 

16. Burning CDs
“Downloading music on ALL our computers” 

17. Babysitting
“Either her nieces/nephew or mine” 

18. Late Night Phone Calls
“Updates about who was where and when” 

19. Swimming
“By choice at Maw’s or not by choice elsewhere”
20. Old Movies
“All were ‘good’ to her” 

21. Cottage Cheese and Steaks
“Nobody loved these foods more than her” 

Love and Miss you always ~Bethany

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Amanda Rose , 2 days old 1985
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